Peperangan Bintang by Fusion Wayang Kulit


Mask Craft Marvels: Unleashing Creativity


Wayang Kulit Making Workshop


Arts Talk: Tradition and Innovation


Shoot From The Heart


Build and Code: Prototype ATM Machine


Robotic Workshop


Recycle Arts and Craft


Stay Safe Online by Childline Foundation


Art of Self-defence


Socks Craft


Hari Tanpa Ngauman


Storytelling Learn, Discover with Redboot


Paper Collage Workshop


Paint Your Story, Moving Art Workshop, storytelling and Expression


Doodle with Khairanee


Workshop: I Tote You Like Me?


Gouache Painting Workshop


Guided Tour Gerak Bayang : The Art of Storytelling

Wayang Kulit Kelantan Performance

Walk-in School Holiday Activity


Food On Wheels Party

e-Celik Wang Junior 2020

Terdapat beberapa pertandingan yang diadakan seperti mencipta lerang komik (comic strip), bercerita, pantun dan pidato. Program ini dibahagikan kepada empat kategori iaitu Sekolah Rendah (Tahun 4-6), Sekolah Menengah (Tingkatan 1-3), Sekolah Menengah (Tingkatan 4-5) dan Pra-Universiti/Universiti (Pra-Diploma/Diploma/Ijazah Sarjana Muda.


DIY Concrete Coasters

You feel that the off-the-shelf coasters are too mainstream? Join us to create your own coasters that can be used as table decor too!
Not only will you learn the process of material mixing, casting and moulding but you will also get to paint and personalise your coasters to your liking!

'Badminton Court' Fun Match

Make Your Own Astrolabe

Overnight @ MAG

Carboard Money Box

Recycle Craft

Building Heritage


Arts & Crafts: Ori-Money

This time, we will explore some ancient animal-shaped monies through the fun art of paper folding (origami).

Art Dialogue: The Originality and Support System of Printmaking

Woodcut Workshop: by Jerome Manjat


Clay Craft - Unusual-Shaped Money

Finger Print - Animals & Flower

Arts & Crafts - Clay Craft

Si Kijang Treasure Race

Si Kijang is going on a treasure race! Help Si Kijang to unfold clues to win the race as it explores BNM Museum and Art Gallery and the neighbours, Memorial Negarawan and Memorial Tun Hussein Onn. Find out how we are connected to the events, people and things displayed in these three venues.
Prizes awaiting the winning teams!

Wax Batik Painting For Kids!

Celebrate this weekend with junior artist getting creative with batik painting! A simple yet fun activity for families, let's have fun mixing vibrant colours and painting it on Malasian-themed wax designs. Frame and hang your Batik artwork on your wall!

Unusual Shaped Money

Arts & Crafts Weekend

Alice in The Antipathies

Alice in the Antipathies is an inter-medial, inter-cultural, postcolonial performance text, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. Victoire is a visual artist, curator, writer who works from Cairns, Far North Queensland. She developed this narrative to uncover the struggle vencountered by the Asian diaspora to reconcile identity. By plundering the imagery and text of Alice in Wonderland, Victoire covertly raises human rights issues such as migration, settlement, difference, discrimination, women's rights, and challenges the power of language to create awareness in her practice.

In this talk, Victoire demonstrates how an artist can use the printmaking and a variety of cross-cultural elements, visual imagery, sound, dance and smell in order to find a sense of belonging and to acknowledge her Asian and Australian influences using memories.

Come join us in this intriguing talk by Dr. Sasi Victoire!


Make Your Own Tie-Dye T-shirt

Are you looking for interesting ways to add more colours to your plain old t-shirt and bring it to life? Or simply feel the urge to pick up a new skill and learn the basics of tie-dye batik?


The Ordinary People On Merdeka Day

How well do you know Malaysia? Looking back, it has been 60 years since the Nation achieved her independence. But, did the people then understand what Merdeka meant? The country had been under the British's administration for too long. How did the different ethnic groups see the change of the political scene in Malaya then? Were there much talks or discussions among the people? Was the subject matter discussed in schools?

Many more questions unanswered. Let's find out more from an academician who had gone through that era - Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, Professor of Malaysian History, University of Malaysia. Come and join us as Prof. Khoo discusses how merdeka had (or hadn't) affected our day-to- day lives – the life of the ordinary Malaysian.

Zentangle (different medium)

Besides tile-like art paper, Zentangle art can also be drawn on a different medium. This workshop explores creating Zentangle patterns on a cotton coin pouch. A different set of basic patterns will be taught. Young and old participants will take home their own designed Zentangle coin pouch. All materials will be provided.

Distinctively Malaysian Stone Art

Malaysia is celebrating her 60th birthday this year as a nation. Let's celebrate the uniqueness of Malaysia by creating stone art that reflects the colourful culture, people, flora and fauna of this beloved country.


The Zentangle method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns, focusing on “one stroke at a time©". Creating Zentangle art is an unusual way to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns. Although there are a series of steps to create a Zentangle, the results are an intuitive art expression of lines and shapes that emerge unintentionally. Interested in Zentangle? Come and learn a new way of creating an intricate-looking yet fascinating piece of art.

Batik Painting

Children will have lots of fun painting, mixing and matching vibrant colours on beautiful Malaysian-themed wax designs. Join us at the Museum to learn how to create a Batik Painting while appreciating an ancient art form of wax resistance fabric dyeing technique.

Keychains for Dad!

A keychain is not just a ring connecting keys, sometimes it is attached to belt loops, bags, scissors, address books, etc. Its function resembles connectivity and togetherness. Just like the many roles of a father who is an integral part of the family unit. Choose and colour 2 different designs of keychains which best describes your love for your Dad. Present it to your Dad as a token of appreciation in conjunction with this Father’s Day celebration.

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers for Mom

Colourful papers for arts and crafts are beautiful materials that can be used to make decorative gifts for any special occasions. Paper flower craft is a handicraft which can stimulate creative minds. Children will have lots of fun learning simple folding methods to create a bouquet of flowers to express their love for their mothers.Celebrate this joyous Mother’s Day with a bouquet of colourful paper flowers!

Silkscreen Printing

Silk-screening (screen-printing) is a printing method that teaches participants to print a design, logo or text onto almost any medium of choice. It's simple to learn, has a very basic process and boundless outcomes. Don't miss this opportunity again this May and join us for the workshop. We'll show you how you can silkscreen print effortlessly!

Introduction to Numismatic Grading

Banknote and coin grading knowledge is perhaps one of the most important aspects in numismatics collecting. It is akin to knowing the traffic signs and rules before one starts learning how to drive a car.

This talk aims to provide a basic overview on the grading of numismatic items and why it matters to the collectors and the industry as a whole. The talk will cover a variety of topics in this area including the history and origins of grading, the types of grading scales used and what they mean. It will help demystify jargon in the industry.

The talk will be conducted by Mr. Gilbert C., a certified Numismatist, Grader and a keen collector of world banknotes. He is a Life Member of the International Banknote Society (IBNS), a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC, USA). He has also published several articles in the IBNS Journal on the topic of numismatics.

Silkscreen Printing

Silk-screening (screen-printing) is a printing method that teaches participants to print a design, logo or text onto almost any medium of choice. It's simple to learn, has a very basic process and boundless outcomes.

"Less is More" Lunch Talk

Are you spending more time, effort and money, but getting lesser out of life? How would you like to use LESS to get MORE, instead? Imagine that you could Save Your Money, and Save Our Environment at the same time. Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (CETDEM), an Environmental NGO, is sharing tips and life-hacks on how to live a more efficient lifestyle. CETDEM was the recipient of Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) Award 2016.

Paper Making Workshop

Making paper at home can be a fantastic way of recycling your scrap paper, writing paper, left over gifts wrap and all types of used papers. Instead of throwing the waste papers into the recycling bin, you can remake them into useful glorious handmade papers. Come and join this workshop and learn paper making as well as ways to instill love and care for the environment.

Art Talk : Norma Abbas's Journey

Join us on this art conversation with the renown and well established artist Awang Damit Ahmad and Associate Professor Mohd Makzan Musa to go on a journey of Norma Abbas as an artist through her works, from the past to the present, at home and abroad. Explore Norma Abbas's inspiration and her relationships with her subjects in her captivating works of art.

Composting Workshop

Composting is a simple and natural way to add nutrient-rich soil (humus) for lawns and gardens. By composting our kitchen and yard waste, nutrients in the form of compost returns back into the soil and helps retain its moisture. This workshop will introduce the basics of composting to help you kick start your journey of creating a greener environment.

Career Talk - Bank Negara Malaysia

Do you want to be part of a team of highly motivated, dynamic, versatile and diverse professionals? Grab the opportunity and come over to listen to a one and a half hour talk on career opportunities and scholarship programmes in Bank Negara Malaysia. Find out how you can contribute to promote monetary and financial stability conducive to the sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy should you embark on your future career with Bank Negara Malaysia.

Children's Collage Workshop

Collage art, where different materials are assembled together to create a new form of art is one of the foundation of art activities for childhood. Collage helps your child to explore the world with the sense of sight and touch by introducing materials of various texture, colours and forms. Nurture your child to see the beauty in ordinary things, the possibilities of everyday objects and learn to make independent choices through collage art.

Candle-lier Workshop – Free Workshop

Make your used tin cans useful again! It’s time to stop disposing used tin cans. Let’s try to recycle and reuse them. You can upcycle used tin cans into beautiful decorative tea candle holders by making holes on the tin cans using nails and hammer. Draw a design onto the tin can before you punch holes according to your preferred pattern or you can punch freehand directly onto the tin can. Add a string and hang it up in a place where you’d like to enjoy the ambiance of candle light by night. The tiny holes create gorgeous scattered light patterns on surrounding areas when a candle is lit up inside. The tin can tea candle is a great source of light and a safe way to burn a tea candle.

The Evolution of Malaysian Numismatics History – Free Talk

Have you ever wondered about the origin of money in our country? If so, take the opportunity to listen to a talk by one of Malaysia’s notable numismatists on the subject that spans a few hundred years. Learn about the early tin ingots found in various sizes and shapes of blocks, cones and animals followed by insights on the history-rich Malay Sultanate coins before moving on to colonial money from the Portuguese, Dutch and the English. Take a look at private banknotes of renowned banks of pre-World War II era and beyond, as well as a closer look at the four series of banknotes produced by Bank Negara Malaysia from then till now. Through this talk, you will have the opportunity to understand the subject of numismatics and explore the fascinating history of the development in the region. The talk will be conducted in Bahasa Melayu.

Accessories Workshop

Do you have loads of old magazines? With a little creativity, you can make use of those bright and colourful magazine pages and turn them into stylish accessories! Learn how to make paper beads and transform them into beautiful wearable jewellery. With some wire and paper you will be able to create stylish and attractive bespoke fashionable items.

Tour by the Curator

Come and join our Art Gallery Curator for a free behind-the-scenes guided tour and hear untold stories about Chang Fee Ming in the preparation of this exhibition 'Terengganu: Selaut Kasih, Sepantai Sayang'.

Multipurpose Hooks Workshop

The Multipurpose Hooks Rack is to allow participants to learn basic woodworking skills and develop awareness on up-cycling and recycling. The wood used are up-cycled as they are off cut wood but can be reused. The utensils are actually rejected items (by the manufacturer) or discarded (given by people who recycle). First, the participants are given the chance to stain/ paint their wood. After that, they will need to bend the utensils and then nail it into the wood. Lastly, participants get to decorate their new hook rack with markers based on individual creativity.

DIY Mini Garden (Terrarium)

Add a little green to your indoor space with an eye-catching terrarium! Terrariums are not only easy to make, they are great oxygen boosters. If you have an old jar, a plastic container, a fishbowl or any kitchen canister at home, you can create a mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants of your own. In this activity, participants will learn to "up-cycle" old, unwanted items into a miniature indoor garden. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own favourite jars to "up-cycle".

Preservation and Collection of Works on Paper

How long would your works on paper last? How can you tell if your work of art is "not well"? Come and listen to three experts sharing their knowledge on identifying different types of materials (paper, ink, paint, etc.) and the proper method of handling, storing and conserving works on paper. The three panellists are Associate Professor Dr. Mandana Berkeshi (International Islamic University of Malaysia), Encik Mohd Nasser bin Malin (National Archives of Malaysia) and Ms Lisa Stoddart (experienced watercolour Art Conservator). This forum will be moderated by YM Tunku Mariati Tunku Mukhtar.

Chopstick Lamp

A must-have in most Asian restaurants, our disposable chopsticks come in a variety of materials. Chopsticks aren't just eating utensils. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your used disposable chopsticks into zen-like lamps.

Collect Call: What's the future of Malaysian Art?

A talk by Lucien de Guise, Senior Advisor, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery. Lucien will explore how collecting has developed in Malaysia. Who is guiding it's future? Are they individuals, institutions or just investors?

Why Paint the Real?

A Conversation with Chang Fee Ming, Dr. Simon Soon & Seng Yu Jin Curators Simon Soon and Seng Yu Jin speak to artist Chang Fee Ming on his realist approach to watercolour painting, referring to works and exhibitions past and current, at home and abroad. The conversation, moderated by Beverly Yong, hopes to explore the artist's research and working process, his relationship with his subjects and broad themes such as traditional life and culture in the contemporary.

Up close and personal with Chang Fee Ming

Listen to the artist's inspirational story of his journey to success.