Si Kijang Money Box

This is a fun and educational activity for children from ages 5 to 9. Children get to make their own paper money box and learn the concept of save, spend and share. This activity also educates children on their ability to make choices with their own money.

Just how old is the Ringgit?*

Where did the word ‘Ringgit’ come from? The 45-minute lecture takes you back in time and explores the history of Malaysian currency.

Bank Negara Malaysia – What do we do?*

This is a 45-min lecture about the roles and functions of Bank Negara Malaysia. It is a pre-booked lecture subject to the availability of the facilitator.

Apa Itu Wang*

Do you know the origin of money? Why is money important in our daily lives? Learn the early history of currency exchange. Understand the factors that cause changes in the shape of money and the basic concept of the circulation of money in a market. This programme is suitable for secondary school children aged 13 to 17 years.

Numismatic worksheet

Children have the opportunity to explore valuable knowledge through visits and educational activity during a visit to the Numismatic Gallery. Explore and learn the types of money through a worksheet activity. These self-guided worksheets are provided for primary and secondary school children.

'Get To Know Your Banknotes’ Talk

This is a talk on Malaysian currency which will cover its security features, exchange value for damaged banknotes, steps to follow when counterfeits are discovered and tips on how to handle polymer banknotes. The talk also teaches how to authenticate our banknotes by using the simple Feel, Look, Tilt and Check method.