What is metal? It is a material that conducts electricity and heat well, like steel, iron, aluminium, copper and many more. Works on Metal exhibition allows us to dive deep into the metal works found inside the wallet, a world that often gone unnoticed. Starting with the selection of motifs and elements up to the minting process, this is a chance to explore the wondrous wealth of information that lies within the coins.

To know more about:
◉ The means of payment before the invention of money
◉ The First Coin
◉ Other Usage of Coins

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Coins were invented more than 2,500 years ago to replaced early forms of currency. This section chronologically features the history, significance of existence, security features and the value of more than 30 selected coins or metal from different era starting from ancient coins, middle ages coins and modern coins.

Some of the interesting coins are, the first ever coins in the world, lydian stater coins, “ides of march” silver denarius struck by julius ceasar’s assassin marcus junius brutus, copper cent of liberia for the freed african slaves returning from usa, the islamic caliphates coins, coins from malay archipelagos and modern coins for commemoratives purposes.


Although the vast majority of coins are round, coins are made in a variety of other shapes, including squares, diamonds, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, decagons, and dodecagons. They have also been struck with scalloped (wavy) edges, and with holes in the middle.

◉ Early coin shape
◉ Evolution: from ancient to pre modern to modern shape
◉ What are other shapes that exist


Money is an important thing in our life. When we talk about money, coins are a part of it. Do you know how coins are made? In ancient times, two methods were used in the coin making process; hammering and casting. Soon, you will know about.

◉ Design and Minting of Ancient Coin
◉ Pre Modern Coin Minting
◉ Design and Minting Process of Modern Coins

Stay with us to know more about the design and minting of ancient and modern coins.
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